New Friendship!

Today, I think I officially made a new friend.  I can’t remember the last time I actually made a new friend, as opposed to making a new acquaintance or co-worker.  I met this person in my transgender support group and our stories are eerily similar to one another.  We can commiserate about marriages, children, age, fears of starting HRT… you name it, we can talk about it.

Because our stories and experiences are so close, I value her input and insight as to the kinds of things I might look forward to as I continue my transition.  At the same time, I can fill that role for her.  While she barely knows me, she has made herself available to me anytime I need to talk.  That is so the kind of friend I need in the world.  Someone to vent with, someone to share thoughts, someone who will not judge me for feeling like I do.  We talked on the phone today for an hour and a half, and it was a little liberating.  I had freedom to talk about anything on my mind—a freedom I do not get within the context of my marriage, since trans-related conversations frequently lead to fights in that arena.

I also find encouragement by the few people that have begun to follow this blog, who care enough about what I have to say to read my thoughts and even go so far as to comment.  Just having those connections to people in the world makes me feel a little special.  I miss feeling special.

Thank you to my new friend, who I hope will become a close friend.  Thank you to my followers.  Thank you all for bringing me a little bit of happiness in an otherwise murky, confusing, and unhappy time in my life.


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