About Me

Who am I?  I am a 40-year-old married (for now) transgender woman, and I have two young children.  This blog began as an outlet for my feelings.  New posts appear when I have something to say, and I hope that the few readers that do follow me get something out of my ramblings.  If not, I am still OK effectively talking to myself.

In the summer of 2014, I actively began questioning my gender and told my wife I was having “gender issues.”  Unlike some others in the trans community, I did not know I was transgender when I was 3.  I figured it out much later in life, which may make my story more or less interesting for you as a reader.  I began hormone therapy in 2015, and I began living full-time as a woman in early 2016.  In the summer of 2016, I legally changed my name and gender.  Today, I still live with my wife and children.  After intense struggles, my wife and I are beginning to rebuild our friendship, but our marriage is likely unrecoverable.

This blog highlights the feelings and milestones of my transition from the early questioning days through my transition to full-time and beyond.  I document my feelings and thought processes at each significant moment of my transition as I experience them in the moment.  I hope that my perspective is a little different than other transition blogs you may have read, since I am married, transitioned older, and I have children.  This blog is a window into my complicated life and inner thoughts.  I invite you to share your experiences with me as I share with you.


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